Helen's Most Recent Picture

Helen's Most Recent Picture
What a great smile!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New weekly updates are on the way...

Starting with this blog update, we have decided to make this a new WEEKLY blog. Unless there are major things to report, our plan will be to make one update each weekend as to mom's progress. We'll try to summarize events & activities from the week and post it probably on Sunday evenings.

Today, mom and Deb went to Lakeside, OH to attend Ruth & Bill Shannon's 50th wedding anniversary open-house. (Ruth was mom's roommate at Baldwin-Wallace College prior to her transferring to THE Ohio State University many moons ago).

Mom will be venturing into the personal training world next week as she works to improve strength and endurance.

To get her back into the sewing routine, I brought up some Boy Scout patches tonite so that mom can work on those in the near future.

She's mentioned that she may want to drive again sometime but has luckily realized that it will not be happening anytime soon due to two reasons:
1. She acknowledges that she probably forgot where she just was...and
2. She acknowledges that she probably doesn't know where she will need to go.
Obviously, we are VERY GLAD she has come up with these 2 reasons on her own.

Check back next weekend (probably Sunday evening) for our next update.

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