Helen's Most Recent Picture

Helen's Most Recent Picture
What a great smile!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Here is a picture of Asher (her great nephew) and Helen snuggling in bed.

Today is a day of rejoices in SO many ways!  After a mid morning nap, Helen woke up at lunch time and seems like her "old self". TODAY OUR CHATTY HELEN IS HERE! :) She has had MANY visitors and been talking away! The President today is actually Obama (instead of Washington, Clinton, or Bush). She is remembering things that have been discussed the last few days.  She recognized Seneca, a FABULOUS technician that has been caring for her. She also played a few games of Bananagrams with Betty. Once the doctors come in we will know more. Tomorrow there will be a few more tests which will hopefully offer an even larger glimpse into what we are doing. The prayers are working fabulously! Please keep them coming! Today is giving us all hope and comfort for all of the GOOD that is to come! Prayers are working here and we can see the progress each and everyday! Blessings upon all of you! Thank you!!!!

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