Helen's Most Recent Picture

Helen's Most Recent Picture
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making progress

Not a lot to report the last couple of days except that mom is continuing with therapy and doing well. Deb & I have been trained on helping mom get around while in the hospital and this helps free up the staff for when its time to get her to/from bed to wheel chair to therapy. She and I walked the entire length of the hall yesterday. (I was a little winded but she seemed to do fine.) We (Aunt Betty, Deb and I) are also attending daily lunch time "Stroke Education" classes they offer and we have learned a lot.

Mom probably will get to take a field trip tomorrow nite. Hannah (Aunt Betty's next door neighbor who has become a family friend and has even vacationed with mom and Aunt Betty) passed away yesterday morning. Calling hours are Thursday nite so if the hospital staff grants permission (which I think they will) then I will take mom to the funeral home in Sunbury after dinner and take her back before bedtime. Therefore, if you were planning to visit her in the hospital on Thursday nite you may want to plan your visit for another day. The plan is still for her to go home on Saturday altho nothing has been finalized yet.

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