Helen's Most Recent Picture

Helen's Most Recent Picture
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today's Daily Word from The Daily Word....COMFORT


In the quiet, I know great comfort.

As I close my eyes to pray or meditate, everything becomes quiet. The simple act of closing my eyes opens my heart to God. And as my heart opens, I am filled with deep love, compassion and comfort. I need never look for someone or something to comfort me. I need only to remember my oneness with God and the ever-present nature of God's love.

I let go of all worries, knowing that the very best answer will be shown to me. I let go of all insecurity and doubt. As I feel God's love, I know that all is well. I am safe, and I am fully protected. Each day I take time to become quiet. In the silence, I feel the comfort of a love that endures.

Then they were glad because they had quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven.--Psalm 107:30

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  1. This seems like the state where Aunt Helen is! How perfect for the day and the feeling that we feel as the days progresses!


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