Helen's Most Recent Picture

Helen's Most Recent Picture
What a great smile!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reality and Hope

Today the Neurologist came in and gave us a disheartening dose of reality. He said that the new MRI showed no changes from the last MRI. We were hoping for changes. This let us know that there is no reason for the spinal tap to happen on Monday. The medication that she has been given should've shown some progress and a change on the MRI had the stroke happened from an infection. Nothing has really changed in how Helen is, but our perception has changed. Our hope is still holding though--as are our prayers. She is not very talkative but certainly is able to talk. She does not sleep to amount to anything. She is content and at peace. There is not a lot of emotion as that is part of the stroke results.

Her heart is out of rhythm (afib). This is something that she is getting medication for and we hope this helps.

The Occupational Therapist (OT) came in today and gave us a better understanding of what is happening with some of it.  She said that she should be able to go to an in house rehab facility to get more intense therapy (speech, OT, and PT).  They will give us help in deciding what will work to hopefully create an environment where she can do things on her own.  She will be able to go there until her learning plateaus. Then she will be able to step down to another place.

I asked the OT how they know it is a stroke and not something else. The OT explained that it takes the MRI, the symptoms, and the ruling out of things to show that the stroke did happen. The stroke affected the whole frontal lobe and the thalamus. She has watershed type of damage.  (Something to google search later to see what we find out about it.)

She seems to remember who had been here today. That was a lot of fun! She has a new mouse friend thanks to Asher and Matty (her great niece and nephew) named Ischkabibble. (Spelled by Helen too!)  Ischka, for short, has a very prominent place in our lives right now! (If you know the book If You Give A Mouse a Cookie then you know the mouse!)  And the best news is Ischka is a great singer--something the Helen still LOVES to do and enjoys!

Stop by and visit if you would like. Room 231 at St. Ann's hospital.

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