Helen's Most Recent Picture

Helen's Most Recent Picture
What a great smile!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First day of rehab

The inpatient rehab unit at Mount Carmel West (MCW) specializes in stroke rehabilitation. Helen is settled in and began her first day of work. She has progressed in her first day to using a wheeled walker and up with staff assistance to the bathroom. Unfortunately, her memory does not allow her to report her progress to us. Due to us all being exhausted from the stay at St Ann's, we all "took the day off" and went in to the rehab unit at 3:00. We found Mom to be very tired and resting on her bed. She had several family visitors and was upbeat before closing her eyes after eating dinner. Sister Betty, sister-in-law Ruth, and I were still there and asked if she wanted us to leave so that she could sleep. She shook her head yes. This was very telling as to how tired she was today. We could not be happier with the safe and upbeat environment and look forward to the daily changes. Sister Betty will be present tomorrow to observe the therapy sessions as I have several appointments. The therapy schedule changes on a daily basis and we have no idea yet about the weekend activities. The rehab team will meet on Monday and let us know the projected time line for length of stay and home needs. Helen enjoyed looking at all the cards that I took in today. Thank you to all who have sent them. They are greatly appreciated and she has been able to tell me who some of you are... Thank you Vintage Voice friends for putting what section you sing in as it helps me connect a name and a face. Until tomorrow...

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