Helen's Most Recent Picture

Helen's Most Recent Picture
What a great smile!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Dave did the honors of picking Mom up from rehab and I met them at Olive Garden for a celebration lunch. Mom informed me then, "I had a stroke" and giggled. We heard that quote throughout the day and night! We reminded her that "that excuse" would not work for long. Japher, our cat, was spooked by the walker and Dave, but finally did come around and even sat on Dave's lap. (We have had Japher for 15 months and Dave had seen him a couple of times, as he usually hides). We all rested most of the afternoon and evening. In general, the day and evening were rather uneventful and fairly quiet UNTIL she started singing the OSU "fight song" for 20 minutes last evening. I used to like that song!! Evening seems to be her primary time of getting stuck on a song, activity, or whistling. I had noticed that in rehab and it is nearly impossible to move her on. Hallelujah she slept all night and did not rally this morning until 10:15. I know I needed that down time. I have seen already that a routine is a must with times and details, otherwise she will just sit on the edge of the bed or chair at the table. She did share this morning that her head is clogged with shapes, colors, and trying to fit so many shapes into a certain size object or the same song over and over. She is working on her Bible study right now as that was always a part of her morning routine. More later. Overall, coming home has been a rather smooth transition.

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